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Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

Berends hydraulic post hole diggers are fitted with an easy to adjust stabiliser mounting stand. This allows the digger to be connected and disconnected from the tractor for storage with little effort. 

  • Fitted with heavy duty European Planetary Drive Gearbox. Safer than regular models as it eliminates the need for a pto shaft
  • No clutch required
  • The gearbox can also be operated anti-clockwise if entangled in roots by simply by reversing the oil flow
  • Requires two sets of remotes. Fitted with ½" double braid Ryco hoses with 20,300 psi burst pressure
  • 2 ½" x 8" hydraulic ram transfers approximately 1000kg of weight from the tractor onto the auger
  • Ideal for penetrating hard ground
  • Main boom is 100 x 100 x 6mm RHS tube
  • Digs to a minimum 4' (1200mm) depth if ground conditions permit.
  • Auger extensions available on request
  • Fitted with transport chain
  • 12 month warranty against faulty materials or workmanship

In excessively hard conditions, a heavier Trimax auger is available which consists of a complete cast steel head with teeth set at a more agressive 45° angle. The Trimax auger is also fitted with a Tri-flow pilot which is more effective in guiding the auger and therefore stabilising the tip in hard conditions. There is less pitch on the 6mm flights which allows for an easy flow of dirt.

Model (0260) 0260
Torque 2,542 Nm
Oil Flow Range 27 to 75 L/min
Max Pressure 205 Bar
Net Weight Less Auger 150kg

Berends 6ft Medium Duty Offset Grader Blade with Ratchet Tilt

By incorporating the versatility of the popular hydraulic grader blades into the popular Medium Duty model, Berends have provided an implement for the small to mid range tractors which is easy to use but with the strength and reliability to match Australian conditions


  • Fitted with positive quick release centre for angle selection, to minimise wear and tear. 
  • Allows 24 different angle positions. 
  • Blade can be reversed for back filling. 
  • Can be offset in seconds to work outside tractor wheel to the left or right hand side. 
  • Choice of 5 positions each way to a maximum of 600mm offset.              
  • Alternative holes or the lower linkage arms provide ample tilt for V-draining.
  • Heavy duty reversible cutting edges for maximum life
  • Optional pneumatic wheelkit available for depth control”-4”


Cutting width: 6 ft
Mouldboard thickness: 8mm
Mouldboard height: 450mm
Tractor hp: 30-60
Number of Offset positions: 9
Nett weight: 206kg

Berends Slashers

Made in Australia

A slasher manufactured for rugged Australian conditions, heavily built using top quality components to give you the best value for money obtainable.

  • One piece body made from 5mm quality steel. 
  • Excellent underframe clearance clears cut material quickly.
  • Bondioli & Pavesi Series 5 pto driveshaft with 2 plate slip clutch protects slasher and tractor.
  • 75 HP oil lubricated gearbox. 
  • Optional Italian manufactured gearbox upgrade. 
  • Excellent seal guards make it virtually impossible for wire to damage the gearbox.
  • Cat 1/2 linkage.
  • Hardened and tempered straight/stepped bushed slasher blades.
  • Available in 3 widths with choices centre or offset mounting.
  • Rigid headstock for better structural support.
  • Optional solid rubber wheelkits and rollers
  • Optional floating chain toplink available available for depth control
  • Standard with front and rear chain guards
  • Document holder supplied
  • Full 12 month warranty on design andmanufacture


Model HD153 HD180 HD200
Cutting Width 1450mm 1750mm 1950mm
Overall Width 1600mm 1900mm 2080mm
Overall Length 1580mm 1880mm 2060mm
Tractor HP 40-70 50-90 60-100
Cutting Height 25-100mm 25-100mm 25-100mm
weight 340kg 420kg 490kg

Berends Standard Single Tine Ripper

Berends rippers enable you to do a lot of hard work with minimum effort. Ideal for breaking up hard ground, ripping up stumps or rocks, planting trees, laying polythene pipe or removing rabbit warrens.

Cultivate soil, break up pans and get nutrient-rich subsoil up to the top of your paddock with a 2-3 tine deep ripper from Berends and Northland Machinery.

Made from the most durable of materials and designed for easy entry into the ground the Berends Deep Ripper will get to 950mm below the soil to handle the toughest of pans.


  • Designed to suit 25 - 70hp tractors (Cat 1 linkage w/ Cat 2 bushes)
  • 150 x 32 billet
  • Reversible point 225mm x 75mm x 16mm
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Maximum working depth: 500mm
  • option of two/three tines made from 32mm semi high tensile steel
  • Adjustable tines fitted with shearbolt protection
  • Parabolic curved tines for easy access into the ground
  • Hardened teeth made from similar material to that used on buckets and industrial loaders
  • 12 month Warranty