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Howard Rotavators & Tillers

HOWARD's durable, high specification machines are industry leaders, soundly supported by first class engineering and spare parts back-up. The Rotavator is one of the most efficient tillage systems for specific soil problems. No matter what the soil type, condition, or amount of residue, Rotavating will always produce the best results.

Rotavator 400:

for professional use in vinyards orchards and general tillage The Rotavator 400 Series has been developed to suit narrow tractors used in vinyard and orchard applications with cat 1 or 11 hydraulic linkages. The 400 will also fit standard tractors for general use. The range has all the options required for adaption to most needs of the farmer and end user. The 400 range is available with gear or chain driven side drives with single speed or Selectaspeed 4-speed gearboxes.

Rotavator 200:

the best choice for compact tractors The Rotavator 200 has a very compact and strong design which makes it ideal for for smaller tractors up to 200 kW The 200 is commonly used in garden, vegetables and orchard applications. The special rotor blade configuration is highly effective and has a low power requirement.

Rotavator 300:

extra capacity for small tractors The Rotavator 300 is designed as a reliable, long-lasting machine for tractors up to 3kkW. The gearbox side drive (chain or optional gesr drive) is extremely reliable and the fixed rotor speed or 232 rpm provides and excellent tilth. The machine is designed with bolt-on side plates for easy maintenance, specially appreciated by operators who work long hours.