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Massey Ferguson Hay Tools

Single Rotor Rakes 

Precise control and long working life

Three models make up the single rotor rake range including two three-point linkage models and one trailed model, offering coverage from 3.6m to 4.3m.

Three Point Linkage vs. Trailed

The MF 3 Point Linkage is precise control and has a long working life

3 Point Linkage

  • Strong single stage bevel gear and divided pinion shaft with three bearings for long working life.
  • Exact swaths even at huge forage quantities due to long tines and perfectly smooth front surfaces for the extra long tine arms.
  • Control cam to be adjusted from outside providing optimum formation of swaths for all follow-up machines.
  • Smooth operation and perfect adaptation to the ground by means of tandem axle.
  • Foldable protection brackets with spring support made of aluminium profile saving power and space.
  • Flexible three-point headrack with low traction point, smooth centralising and smooth damping with telescopic rods.


  • Strong single stage bevel gear and divided pinion shaft with three bearings for long working life.
  • Exact swaths even at huge forage quantities due to long tines and perfectly smooth front surfaces on the extra strong tine arms.
  • Control cam adjusted from the outside providing optimum formation of swaths for all follow-up machines.
  • Quick and comfortable mounting and dismounting of hitch.
  • Foldable protection brackets with spring support, turning point far to the outside and lightweight swath former made of aluminium profile saves power and space
ModelWidth (m)Min pwr (hp)Weight (kg)Hitch
RK 3802 3.6 27 415 3PL
RK 3814 4.3 41 635 3PL
RK 3824 4.2 41 540 Trailed

Twin Rotor Rakes 

  • Huge working width = maximum capacity
  • With working widths from 6.5m - 8.10m the Massey Ferguson range of twin rotor rakes deliver acre eating capacity and value for money.
  • All rakes feature fully sealed cam track, removable rotor and rake arms to give a long service life. 
ModelWidth (m)Min pwr (hp)Weight (kg)Rotor and tines
RK 3875 5.8-6.5 26 1350 2 rotors, 10 tine arms with 4 double tine arms per arm
RK 3877 6.8-7.6 41 1875 2 rotors, 12 tine arms with 4 double tine arms per arm
RK 3879 7.4-8.1 48 1950 2 rotors, 12 tine arms with 4 double tine arms per arm

RK 3875

The MF RK3875 has huge working width = maximum capacityEfficient Duo technology for professional farmers, including control axle, closed rake gearbox with cardanic rotor suspension, automatic preselection of width 5.80 to 6.60 m. stability without compromise for heavy duty applications suitable for large scale farming even with small tractors.
  • With the well tuned raking rotors featuring 10 dismountable tine arms with 4 tine arms per arm.
  • Wide on the field – small and quick on the road with a maximum speed of 40km/h. Transport wheels are always exactly tractor track.
  • New rotating shaft control system: from drawbar swivel head through to rotating shaft.
  • Three wheel contact chassis featuring automatically controlled contact wheels with cardanic suspension of rotors for optimum adaptation to the ground, resulting in quick, correct and smooth operation.
  • Rotors aren't required to be switched-off at the end of the field due to hydraulic lifting.

RK 3877, RK 3879

  • The RK 3877 and RK 3879 have a huge working width = maximum capacity
  • Closed gearbox, full tangential control system featuring steel running wheels with ball bearings and conical centralised light metal housing which is dust proved and greased (re-creasing is possible) resulting in long working life and precise control.
  • The RK 3877/3879 models produce exact swaths even at huge forage quantities due to long tines and perfectly smooth front surfaces of the extra strong tine arms.
  • Consisting of automatic pre-selection width and control cam (adjusted from outside) the twin rotor rakes provide optimum adaptation to the ground resulting in quick, correct and smooth working.
  • Rotors do not need to be manually switched-off at the end of the field due to hydraulic lifting of rotors in intermediate position.

Quad Rotor Rakes

Correct raking and best possible forage

The Quad Rotor Rake has a huge working width of 12.50m for maximum capacity.

Other features include: 

  • Ideal for follow-up machines with high pick-up capacity - allowing for big baler and choppers to run at optimum capacity.
  • Simple and safe changing system by means of double lifting arms.
  • Cardanic suspension of rotors for optimum adaptation to the ground resulting in quick, correct and smooth working.
  • Follow-up control for lifting and lowering for exact application at the end of the field.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability due to centrally mounted main chassis axle.
  • Efficient brake system. 
ModelWidth (m)Min pwr (hp)Weight (kg)Rotors and tines
RK3890 12.5 80 4200 4 rotors, 12 tine arms with 4 double tine arms per arm


The Massey Ferguson Quad Rotor Rakes feature double lifting arms for ease of adjusting working width, as well as for safe and quick compact transport.

Easy set up, easy use - outstanding results every time

The full range of Turbo tedders is proven to be simple to set up and easy to use, ensuring fast wilting of your crop every time.

With four models on offer including trailed and 3 point linage varieties, the TD Series boasts some impressive features:

  • A patented linkage centralising device with pendulum brakes providing stability when working and during transport - even on slopes
  • Integrated sturdy D frame on 3PL models - for long life
  • 1:2 transmission ratio for maximum performance at minimum PTO speeds
  • Heavy duty cast transmission cases are fully sealed and lubricated providing quiet and long service
  • Automatic power disconnects when lifting rotors at headlands to protect the driveline from operator error 
ModelsWidth (m)Min pwr (hp)Weight (kg)Hitch
TD1635 5.2 30 597 3PL
TD1636 6.6 41 782 3PL
TD1649 8.6 54 1608 Trailed
TD1651 10.6 54 1676 Trailed

Trailed & Three Point Linkage

The MF Trailed and 3 point Linkage is easy set up, easy use - outstanding results every time


Turbo tedders are robust and economic, and offer the highest output and a very long working life.

Each model provides a high-speed transport chassis, mounting to drawbar or hitch and hydraulic follow-up control with single acting hydraulic connection. These are characterised by a wide working width, manoeuvrability and high efficiency. Even small tractors (from 30kW) obtain high efficiency at low fuel consumption.

Three Point Linkage

Massey Ferguson turbo tedders with oscillating headstock, low transaction point and integrated pendular brakes are characterised by high driving stability, even at high speed. The machine is suitable for any type of ground and provides smooth forage preparation and an ideal spreading pattern, resulting in perfect high-quality forage.

  • Synchronised lifting of exterior rotors by means of centralised hydraulic lifting device and pressure cylinders guarantee optimum function even on slopes - meaning no one-sided loads.
  • Automatic safety disconnection with free-wheel operation disconnects drive when exterior rotors are lifted beyond intermediate position, this system avoids operation failures and risk of accidents as lifted rotors do not rotate.
  • Edge spreading on left-hand and right are standard by means of the mechanic edge spreading device with remote control from tractor seat.
  • Adjusting device for spreading angle on running axle is standard so that the machine can be perfectly adapted to all forage conditions (15°-18°-20.5°).

Professional Series Disc Mower Conditioners

The Massey Ferguson range of professional mower conditioners are designed for contractors and larger farms delivering a smooth power transfer to all discs for less wear on the blades and a longer cutter life. 

ModelWidthMin pwr (hp)PTO (rpm)Discs
DM1383KC 3 90 540/1001 Centre pivot drawbar with swivel hitch
DM1383RC 3 90 540/1000 Centre pivot drawbar with swivel hitch
DM1382RC 3 90 1000 2pl MoCo with Rubber rollers & outer wheel
DM1392KC 3 90 1000 2pl Mo Co with tines & outer wheel
DM1384KC 4 115 1000 2pl MoCo with tine & outer wheel
DM1384RC 4 120 1000 2pl MoCo with rubber rollers & outer wheel
DM1330KC 3 90 1000 6 discs with 2 blades per disc
DM1397KC 8.3 180 1000 2 cutter bars w/ 6 discs & 2 blades per disc

Trailed Centre Pivot

The MF1383 offers plenty of simple to use features and a proven design with flexibility in differing crop conditions in mind. Whether in a heavy wet silage crop or a delicate lucerne crop it will continue to perform year after year.

  • Available in 3.0m width with either KC Tine conditioner or RC Roller conditioning units, the MF1383 utilises a swivel hitch and centre pivot frame for the ultimate versatility - mow to the left or right and then tuck in directly behind the tractor for transport.
  • A simple parallelogram design supports the compact angular cutterbar and KC or RC conditioning unit and provides excellent contour following ability. Simple centrally mounted controls for height and ground contact match the MF1383 to any crop condition.
  • The robust swivel hitch enables a choice of 540 or 1000 rpm PTO speed and an ability to make extremely tight turns without stressing the drive train.

Trailed 2 Point Linkage

The DM1382 and DM1384’s unique design provides the opportunity for wide mowing and narrow transport width by lower horsepower tractors. The proven compact angular cutterbar and KC and RC conditioning units provide an economical, productive and efficient result.

  • Utilising a two point hitch and side mounted bogie wheel the DM1382 and DM1384 offer a very economical and heavy duty option for wide area mower conditioning.
  • Utilising either the KC Tine conditioning unit or RC Roller conditioner unit, the 2PL Professional Series disc mowers simply fold out to the working position and then back behind the tractor for transport.
  • A sturdy main beam suspends the cutterbar and conditioning unit and provides a large area of movement to travel over obstacles with a vertical travel range of 430mm. Cutting height changes are carried out easily from a central crank as is surface pressure which is easily adaptable depending on conditions.
  • A swivel hitch drive connects directly to the cutterbar with drive shafts to ensure constant working speeds and performance whilst giving the ability to break back 920 degrees should an obstacle be struck.
  • Edge mowing device for mowing close to ditches and fences - forage is spread from the edge to the field.

Front Mount and Rear Mount Butterfly

The DM1397 rear mounted 3PL butterfly disc mower with KC tine rotor conditioner is a perfect companion to the front mounted DM1330 disc mower conditioner with trailing linkage. Working in tandem the two provide a total cutting width 8.27m allowing you to cover more ground faster. Working together or on their own, these mowers are great for the professional farmer or contractor seeking to maximise the productivity of their machinery.

The DM1397 features free-floating cutting which reduces the load on the support frame, support tube and the three point linkage hitch. It allows for improved cutting quality in uneven ground and smoothly glides along undulations thanks to its turbo lifting system enabling hydro pneumatic discharge and continuous adjustment of bearing pressure on the cutter bar.

The DM1397 disc mower is also fitted with impact SafetySwing protection which can independently swerve back and up around the slanting axle should an obstacle be hit. The slanting axle protects the drive shafts from the damage. Should an incident occur, the mower will return to its working position under its own weight, meaning time time-consuming stopping or reversing is not required.

The DM1330’s cutter bar is mounted at the outermost points on the sturdy support frame to prevent the bar from twisting and to allow for optimum adaptation to the ground contour. This also provides excellent visibility for the operator.

Both mowers feature one-lever operation for quick change at the headlands, making the transition from working to turning fast and simple.

 DM1330KC features:

  • A tine rotor conditioner
  • Front mounting head-rack with sensible supports follows any contour of the ground
  • Pulling motion instead of pushing protects the grassland, tractor and mower
  • Wide bow-shape supporting frame with spring discharging device reduces load of the mower and offers best possible distribution of weight and easy pulling
  • Central continuous cutting height adjustment from 3.5m to 7.5m
  • Front mower in combination facilities working widths up to 11m.

Disc Mowers

Farmer Series Disc Mowers

The DM1309 at 2.82m wide provides a very sturdy and economical solution to the small and medium size farm without compromising quality and finish.

  • Ideally suited to farmers with low horsepower tractors or a limited amount of mowing to carry out.
  • The DM1309 boasts a host of features you would expect to find larger, more expensive machines, including:
  • A PTO shaft with free wheel clutch transfers the power through a flexible V belt from the tractor to the in-line 7 disc cutterbar
  • Each cutting head is fitted with a roll pin shear bolt protection, in case obstacles are hit, which can easily be replaced in the field if required
  • The flat profile is ideal for heavy crops and combines with the standard stone guard and large hardened skid to ensure years of trouble free service
  • Built to perform under the most difficult conditions
  • Provides an exact cut and high forage flow without material build-up, leaving fluffy swaths and high quality forage
  • Disc mowers are available for rear and front mounting and with transports chassis 
ModelWidth (m)Min pwr (hp)PTO (rpm)Discs
DM1309 2.82 60 540 7 discs
DM1358 2.55 54 540 5 large discs
DM1361 3 61 540 6 large discs
DM1362 3.5 68 540 7 large discs
DM1364 4 99 1000 8 large discs with centre suspension

Rear Mounted

Designed for contractors and larger farms and built to tackle the big jobs. The Professional Series offers many exclusive features that drive high performance and low maintenance, increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs.

  • The Professional Series disc mowers feature individual compact angular gears that provide an extremely smooth power transfer to all discs, resulting in less wear than a conventional gear drive and ensuring a longer and more reliable cutterbar life. Also featuring rupture protection in the event of hitting a large obstacle.
  • The wedge shaped bar provides the added benefit of a low cut and the ‘Big Disc” design ensures a large overlap which results in a clean cut even in the face of high volume and difficult crops. The modular design enables quick and easy servicing in the field should it be required.
  • Lateral suspension with controlled lifting cinematic device results in a compact transport position and low transport height.
  • A quick change knife system is standard on the Professional Series mowers, increasing the efficiency of operation.
  • As an option for a linkage mower conditioner the DM1358 can be quickly and easily retrofitted with a RC Roller conditioner, while the DM1361 can be retrofitted with a KC Tine conditioner.
  • Sturdy exterior support guarantees long working life of protective cloths thus increasing operational safety of the machine.
  • Complete pick-up of forage supported by aggressive conveyor drums and rotating swath former.

Broad Acre

Reliable and convenient for more consistent conditioning

The MF1300 Series Disc Mower Conditioners feature reliable swinging tongue convenience that allows the operator to cut square corners, windrow back and forth on the same side of the field and steer around field obstacles.  

  • Low Profile Cutterbed slices through tangled crops getting close to the ground without scalping the ground.
  • Shear protection is built into each cutterbar to minimize damage in the event an obstruction is encountered in the field.
  • Wide conditioner Rolls allow a large volume of crop to go through the head and the crop mat to be thin for more consistent conditioning.
  • Over-Center Cam conditioner roll tension is standard on the MF1372 & MF1375 models.
  • Heavy Duty Frames on all mowers allows for long life and efficient operation. 
  • The MF1372 and MF1375 feature a center pivot design with a swivel hitch and the MF1359 model uses a side pull frame.
  • Multiple Spring Floatation creates a smooth cut in almost any field condition. 
  • The head is able to float both radially and vertically ensuring close cutting while minimizing the risk of damaging the cutterbar or field.
  • An End Tow Cart is available as an option for the MF1375. The cart allows the mower to be transported at 9’ wide with a 15’ 3” cutterbar.
ModelCutting WidthWeight (kg)Roll Speed rpmPTO speed rpm
MF 1359 9'3" 1458 735 540
MF 1372 12' 2685 735-1100 540-1000
MF 1375 15'3" 2974 1100 1000