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Specialty Mowers

Toro HoverPro 400

Compact and Light weight; perfect for hard to reach, steep, or slippery slopes where maneuverability is key.

Toro HoverPro 450

Delivers a superb finish for large and small applications.

Toro HoverPro 550

Added power and wider width of cut to cover large areas faster.

Toro ProStripe 560

Designed to provide the perfect cut and elegant striped finish, the Toro ProStripe 560 is the ideal choice for mowing formal lawns around pavilions club houses and hotels. Sports and golf applications are no challenge for this high quality, versatile mower.

Toro GreensPro 1200

Ideal for use on high performance, fine turf surfaces. Offset, independent rollers for improved contour following and reduced striping. Wide turning radius helps minimize scuffing and turf damage