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Toro Master Series


Toro Z Master® Commercial 2000 Series

The Z Master® Commercial 2000 Series petrol powered mowers deliver durability, professional results and performance, offering outstanding value for budget-minded professionals

Toro Z Master 6000 Canberra

Toro Z Master® Commercial 3000 Series

The all-new Z Master® Commercial 3000 Series offers the perfect blend of performance, durability and value. These models feature Toro’s exclusive TURBO FORCE® cutting decks and 12 cc unitised pump and wheel motor transmissions for professional results and dependability.


Toro Z Master® Professional 5000 Series

When you cover a lot of ground, you need a machine that keeps up. Toro’s Z Master® Professional 5000 Series fits the bill. These models pack the power, fuel efficiency and comfort you demand. From the Kohler® Closed-loop EFI engine which provides the highest productivity and better fuel economy, vibration-absorbing deluxe suspension seat to the high-strength steel TURBO FORCE® deck, it’s built to work hard and run at optimal levels.

Toro Z Master 6000 Canberra

Toro Z Master® Professional 6000 Series

The Toro Z Master® Professional 6000 Series is Toro’s most advanced zero-turning radius mower. Everything added to this series was developed with the landscape professional in mind. It’s technology that refined the Z Master® to make a great commercial mower even better.

Toro Z Master 7000 Canberra

Toro Z Master® Professional 7000 Series

Need to power through tough mowing conditions that would strain conventional petrol-powered mowers? Choose from responsive, liquid-cooled, high-torque diesel engines for a wide array of turf maintenance requirements.


Toro Exmark Navigator

Toro Exmark Navigator

Every landscape professional has customers that are particular about the way their properties look after they’ve been mowed. Often the properties are equally demanding, with short runs, tight turns, trees, flowerbeds, you name it. The Exmark Navigator employs the design, engineering and advanced technology you need to exceed your customers’ expectations for a perfect appearance.