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Massey Ferguson MF 900 Loaders


More muscle, greater reach

This industry-leading range of high-performance loaders is perfectly matched to Massey Ferguson tractors.

With pipework tucked neatly out of harm’s way inside the loader arms, the sleek ‘clean beam’ design MF 900 Series features bigger lift capacities and lift heights. Engineered and manufactured to world-class standards, these high performance heavy-duty loaders are a perfect match for Massey Ferguson tractors.

When you choose a Massey Ferguson loader, you have an unrivalled range of specialised attachments at your fingertips – all purpose-designed to ensure a perfect combination of tools.

  • The MF 900 Series features various models to suit tractors from 67 to 240 hp – choice of non-parallel or parallel linkage
  • Curved cross tube with enclosed third and fourth service valves and Softdrive shock absorber provides protection for hydraulic componentry and maximum operator visibility 
  • ‘Lock and go’ automatic loader attachment is standard on all models. Simply drive-in and the loader is attached automatically. Visual indicators seen from the driving position evidence secure attachment. No tools required, no bolts to work loose.
  • Choice of mechanical or fast hydraulic attachment of implements for minimum fuss and effort. Clic-on safety feature, fitted as standard, ensures the implement is securely attached.
  • Easy operation – all loader functions are controlled from a multi-function joystick including the ability to perform two operations simultaneously (eg lifting and crowding)
  • Standard ‘float’ position also enables the implement to automatically follow ground contours
  • Spring-loaded parking stand simply swings into position
  • Simplified maintenance – all greasing points feature hinged plastic dust covers and are accessed from outside the loader frame
  • Handy tool storage facility located in lifting beam
  • Tough powder-paint finish is extremely hard-wearing, weather and fade resistant
  • All pivot-point pins, bushes and load-bearing surfaces increased in size by up to 70% - for greater load-bearing capacity, reliability, durability and reduced service costs
Model (Parallel)Lift HeightModel (Non Parallel)Lift Height
MF 925 3.20 m MF 920 3.20 m
MF 940 3.75 m MF 930 3.50 m
MF 945 3.75 m MF 967 4.00 m
MF 955 4.00 m MF 960 4.25 m

Bale Handling

A highly flexible range, for every situation and budget

This comprehensive range of bale handling implements has been thoughtfully designed to provide safe, efficient and reliable operation through the complete spectrum of bale handling and distribution tasks, from field to yard.

  • Round bale spike - Ensures safe transportation of round bales and includes a short tine to eliminate bale rotation whilst stacking. Supplied with a backplate and also offered as an attachment to fit a pallet fork frame.
  • Quadrogrip - The market leader in handling round or square bales. The design of the hydraulically operated arms provides independent locking for easy alignment, plus virtually silent operation. Accommodates bale widths from 60 cm up to 200 cm.
  • Silosplit - A unique silage bale handler and splitter. Cuts out the hard work of cutting straw and silage bales with one smooth action and without the need for extra, complicated hydraulics. Supplied with an luminium safety guard.
  • DB 2115 - Features a high lift bale spike which gives an extra 115 cm lifting height, enabling you to stack up to five 120 cm bales. Maximum bale
    size 130 cm.
  • DB - Up to four big bales can be safely and simultaneously handled by varying the height between the upper bale grab and the tines. This design feature overcomes the risk of dropping the bales during transportation or stacking. 
  • Flexibal - With hydraulic sideways adjustment, 125 mm rotating steel tubes gently cradle wrapped bales up to 180 cm dia., eliminating plastic damage. Once removed, the rotating tubes reveal steel spikes suitable for handling unwrapped bales or pallets up to 1000 kg. An optional hydraulic bale support enables end-on stacking. 
  • Flexigrip - For the gentle handling of wrapped bales and ‘end-on’ stacking (up to three bales high), thus reducing the risk of air and moisture penetration into the bale. Hydraulically operated arms provide independent locking for easy alignment. Bale sizes from 120 cm up to 200 cm.
  • Unigrip - Proven, ‘rounded’ design with low net weight and featuring modified arms to spread pressure evenly over the bale. Similar to Flexigrip but also well suited to handling smaller square bales. Available in 2 sizes to suit bales from 90 cm to 160 cm dia.


All buckets are not created equal

The range consists of 5 series, to suit varying workloads, with all buckets characterised by a conical ‘hopper-shaped’ design and laser-cut ends for non-spill, non-drop ability. Also included are special Grading and High-Tipping buckets.

  • Square bale fork - Safety - Available in two widths and featuring vertically folding tines for additional safety during transportation and handling. The upper section is designed to eliminate bales falling back, after unloading at full height, when reversing. Optional back-rests and large-bag lifter also available. Available in 2 widths, 140 cm (2-5 tines) and 190 cm (5 tines).
  • Square bale fork - Simple, robust, but ideal for both round and square bales.  The spacing of the tines can be adjusted along the box section from 80 cm to 130 cm. An optional U-shaped vertical rear extension can be supplied to help support the top bale. Width 140 cm. 
  • Series H - Soil buckets, the most popular and flexible in the range. A short bucket base means these are well suited to heavier tasks. Available in 5 widths from 135 cm (0.54 m3) up to 240 cm (0.95 m3). 
  • Series HT - Soil buckets, with teeth. Similar to the H Series, all the larger buckets in both these ranges have extra reinforcement between the back and the base. Available in 4 widths from 135 cm (0.54 m3) up to 210 cm (0.82 m3).
  • Series HD - The strongest buckets in the whole range. Based upon the H Series but feature: 20% thicker steel, a more powerful cutting edge, plus wider and longer floor reinforcement. Available in 4 widths from 185 cm
    (0.72 m3) up to 260 cm (1.03 m3).
  • Series HV - For users whose tasks require large volumes e.g. carrying grain, beet and feed. The large capacity is achieved through innovative bucket design, being deeper and taller than average. Available in 4 widths from 200 cm (1.16m3) up to 260 cm (1.85 m3).
  • Series L & LV - An excellent choice for lighter duties and where budgets are limited. Available in 4 widths from 130 cm (0.51 m3) up to 220 cm (1.25 m3). 
  • Grading bucket - Designed to provide excellent driver visibility to the tip of the bucket through its low back plate. Special 10 mm thick angle iron reinforces the 20 mm subframe plates, making this bucket the ideal implement for grading tasks. Width 220 cm (0.65 m3).
  • High tipping bucket - Increases loading height by 120 cm which means even a short, compact front loader can fill a high trailer. The bucket tips from the front edge, removing the necessity to wait for the front edge to clear the trailer side before reversing. Width 120 cm (2.00 m3).

Silage Handling

Perfect for general silage management and distribution

From the Multibenne, a perfect all-round silage handling implement, to the versatile Silograb, this range includes some of the most reliable and innovative silage handling equipment on the market today.

  • Powergrab - Designed for silage clamp operations, Powergrab’s wide jaw opening allows it to work against a verticle silage wall, whilst its conical bucket design ensures free discharge when emptying. Available in 4 widths from 185 cm (1.0 m3) up to 260 cm (1.4 m3). 
  • Maxi grapple - A large jaw opening enables it to handle a wide range of materials, including large bales, plus many other types of load. Grappling arm can easily be removed if required. Available in 3 widths, from 210 cm up to 260 cm.
  • Silograb - The tines of this implement are mounted within a hardened box section, their close distribution eliminating silage spillage. Upper jaw tines follow a circular movement producing a clean cut. Available in 7 widths from 130 cm (0.69 m3) up to 250 cm (1.33 m3).


Includes the most powerful fork on the market

These implements are specifically designed to take the demanding loads and wear and tear of the jobs they are built for.

  • Pallet forks - These can be specified with either: 97 cm forks (1000 or 1600 kg capacity), or 120 cm forks (2500 kg capacity). The upper profile is manufactured in one piece and is able to be adjusted laterally to suit the load, which is distributed over a large area thanks to the wide load-bearing surface. This provides a very stable fork with immense strength. Optional top grabs and spike attachments can also be fitted.
  • Manure forks - Manufactured with a specially hardened box section. The tines are fitted prior to painting and secured with a very high torque. A top performer with a long service life. Available in 5 widths, from 130 cm up to 230 cm.
  • Universal fork - Without doubt the most powerful universal/stone fork on the market. It offers excellent visibility whilst retaining exceptional strength. The side forks feature ultrahardwearing teeth. Available in 2 widths, 150 cm and 200 cm.
  • Professional stone fork - A heavy-duty fork, specially designed to retain the material in the bucket after loading. The leading edge has replaceable, downward facing teeth fixed to a rigid, high quality framework. Available in 2 widths, 150 cm and 200 cm.

Special Purpose Attachments

Essential accessories complete the range

An indispensable Big Bag Lifter with a clever design feature, plus several essential accessories, complete the MF 900 Loader implement range.

  • Big bag lifter - Designed with a hook that is slightly offset to the side, giving the operator an unimpaired view when connecting with the bag handle. Has a width of 120 cm, a height of 170 cm and a maximum loading of 800 kg.
  • Counterweight - An essential accessory. This high quality counterweight can be fitted and removed easily. Two sizes are available, 800 kg or 1500 kg maximum ballasted weight. Supplied without ballast.
  • 3-Point linkage - Can be used In a similar way to a tractor’s 3-point linkage to help transport implements around the farm. 
  • Euro hooks - Weld-on Euro Hooks allow any implement to be modified for use on MF 900 Series Loaders.